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A woman doing yoga outside

The benefits of exercise on mental health

Exercising isn't just about improving our physical health. Here, we discuss the benefits it can have on our mental wellbeing, from combating stress to boosting brain power

Top 5 health benefits of peas

The humble pea has some impressive benefits. Find out what makes peas so good for us and whether frozen are as healthy as fresh.

Baobab powder in a spoon

Top 6 health benefits of baobab

What is baobab powder, where does it come from and does it deserve all the health hype? Here we take a closer look at the claims.

Miso paste in a small bowl

Top 10 health benefits of miso

This protein-rich paste, made from fermented soybeans, is a staple of Asian cuisine. We explain what makes miso such a healthy ingredient

Magnesium rich foods in a circle

Top 10 health benefits of magnesium

Nutritionist Kerry Torrens explains why we need magnesium, the top health benefits it bestows and which sources of magnesium may be best for your needs

cumin heaped on a wooden spoon

The health benefits of cumin

Nicola Shubrook discovers what makes this aromatic spice so good for you, including the ways it can help improve digestion, immunity and circulation.

Three mackerel fish on a silver plate

What are the benefits of oily fish?

Is oily fish healthy – and if so, what are the best types and how often should we include them in our diets? Registered nutritionist Nicola Shubrook offers advice and recipe inspiration

Slices of tempeh on a plate

Top 7 health benefits of tempeh

Made from fermented soya beans, tempeh is a nutrient-dense, plant-based ingredient. We take a look at what tempeh is and why it’s good for us.

Hands holding rice grains to form a heart shape

Top 5 health benefits of rice

Rice is a staple across the world, but is it good for you? We look at its nutritional qualities, whether it's high in calories and if it’s a healthy carb.

A pile of threads of brightly coloured saffron against a yellow background

8 health benefits of saffron

One of the priciest spices around, saffron’s health benefits are nearly as numerous as the recipes it’s used for

White bowl of flaxseeds, shot overhead, against a black background with a few scattered seeds

10 health benefits of flaxseed

Flaxseed, also known as linseed, is an important vegan source of omega-3 fatty acids and has a range of other nutritional benefits

A selection of shellfish

Top 10 health benefits of shellfish

Is eating shellfish healthy – and if so, what are the best types and how often should you consume them? Our expert nutritionist offers advice and recipe inspiration.

A selection of nuts

Top 5 health benefits of nuts

Convenient and good for you, nuts make a tasty, healthy snack and, despite being fat-rich, make an important contribution to a balanced diet. Here we look at how they benefit us.

Garlic bulbs

Top 10 health benefits of garlic

Garlic is a staple in most of our kitchens – it's also known for its medicinal properties. Our expert explains why it's so good for you.

Dried medjool dates in a bowl

Top 5 health benefits of dates

Discover the nutritional benefits of dates, from their vitamin, mineral and fibre content, to how many of these sweet, sticky fruits count towards your 5-a-day

Close up of cardamom pods, one showing the seed inside

9 health benefits of cardamom

Cardamom can balance blood sugar, improve digestion and kill bacteria. Learn more about the benefits of this aromatic spice.

Sprigs of fresh rosemary on a white background

Health benefits of rosemary

Fragrant and versatile in cooking, rosemary is also believed to be good for your hair. Read on to find out more about this and other health benefits from our consultant nutritionist

A cup of matcha tea latte

Top 8 health benefits of matcha tea

We answer your questions about popular matcha, including its health benefits, how much caffeine is in it and ways to include it in your diet.

Cranberries in a wooden bowl

Top 10 health benefits of cranberries

A popular choice for preventing urinary tract infections, are there other benefits to consuming these red berries? Here, we give you all the facts on this festive favourite.

A cup of green tea

Top 10 health benefits of green tea

Is green tea better for you than black? Does it contain caffeine and can it help ward off disease? Our nutritionists examine the dietary benefits of green tea

Brown onions

Top 10 health benefits of onions

The humble onion boasts impressive nutritional benefits and medicinal properties. Read on to find out what makes this staple so good for you

10 benefits of walking

In association with Nutracheck

Looking for a low impact, weight-bearing exercise that will benefit your physical and mental health? Nutritionist Kerry Torrens explains the countless benefits of walking.

Set of many different glass bottles laid flat, each containing CBD liquid

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

What is CBD oil, is it legal in the UK and what are the benefits and risks of using it? We asked a dietitian to take a closer look at this food supplement.

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