• Well thought out assembly instructions with clearly labelled screws and parts, good features including tool hooks, bottle opener, side burner and a charcoal basket, feels safe to cook on in a busy garden, easy to clean


  • At least two people needed for build, the side burner ignition is very close to the flames, a layer of sand is required in the drip tray, not as solid and sturdy as some

Outback Magnum 3 Gas Charcoal Barbecue Hybrid review summary

Well thought out and feature packed, this versatile gas barbecue is simple to use and build, and cooks reasonably well, although there are some cool spots across the grill to watch out for. Ideal for first-time gas barbecuers who want it for occasional use, this is best for small to medium gardens, ideally with storage.


First impressions of the Outback Magnum 3 Gas Charcoal Barbecue Hybrid

The barbecue came wrapped in plastic and cardboard (no polystyrene) and was a reasonably simple build. It was easy to get hooked up and cooking and it felt good quality, although it was a little bit wobbly if you put a lot of pressure on the surface. It's light and the two wheels make it simple to move around. The cooking area is a good size – enough for a family or small gathering. Storage could be tricky as the side shelf and burner don’t fold down and if you didn't have room inside for it you would need a cover as the steel may rust over time.

How easy is the Outback Magnum 3 Gas Charcoal Barbecue Hybrid to assemble?

This was reasonably easy to assemble but took about an hour. The instructions were step by step and included illustrations – although these didn’t always match, they were simple to follow on the whole. All the parts were kept together and the screws were particularly easy to identify as they were in a separate package with well-labelled illustrations on the front. The only let down was the fiddly nature and awkward angles of some of the screws.

Close up of the Outback Magnum 3 Gas Charcoal Barbecue Hybrid

How easy is the Outback Magnum 3 Gas Charcoal Barbecue Hybrid to use?

There was a question at first as to whether the burners were actually lit but once established, the barbecue heated up quickly, getting to 300 degrees in just a few minutes. The thermometer was particularly useful, with the temperature broken down into warming, BBQ and grill for ease of use. It’s well thought out with loads of useful features, including a number of tool hooks, a side shelf, warming rack and side burner. Plus, you can remove the central grill if needed and the included charcoal basket will give you that smoky flavour should you want it. The hood worked well and was easy to lift and use with a heat-proof handle.

The barbecue felt light with two wheels that made it easy to move about. These didn't lock but still felt stable. However, if you were to chop or cut on the side table the barbecue was a bit wobbly. Another safety issue was the side burner ignition button which felt very close to the flames.

The Magnum has a large drip tray. However, this needs a layer of sand and foil added before use which felt a little odd and was a bit of pain – who has sand lying around? But once set up this is actually really easy to clean.

Cooking results

Cooking results were good. The aubergine was cooked on the side burner and cooked really quickly and the kebabs cooked evenly and in good time. However the potatoes and courgettes were quite slow and their grill lines were not as pronounced as others in the test - there were no clear lines on the ends due to cool spots in places on the grill. The central zone was the hottest and most efficient.

Vegetables and meat grilling on the Outback Magnum Gas Charcoal Barbecue Hybrid

How sustainable is the Outback Magnum 3 Gas Charcoal Barbecue Hybrid?

There was a little too much unnecessary plastic in the packaging but it was good to note the absence of polystyrene. Most parts are steel, apart from the side table and the Outback banner (which feels a bit surplus) and overall it’s reasonably robust. But it would be better if it was easier to store as this would definitely prolong its life.


This is a good looking, versatile barbecue with loads of features including a side shelf, tool hooks and bottle opener, a removable grill (so you can insert a pizza stone, etc) and side burner, plus the unusual option of a charcoal basket for that smoky taste. It was a methodical, hour-long build and cooked reasonably well although there were some cool spots across the grill to watch out for. Most suitable for first-time gas barbecuers who want it for occasional use and small to medium gardens, ideally with storage.

Outback Magnum 3 Gas Charcoal Barbecue specifications

Brand: Outback
Model: Magnum 3 Gas Charcoal Barbecue Hybrid
RRP: £519.99
Dimensions (cm): H 112 x W 61.5 x D 149cm
Material: Stainless steel and aluminium
Warranty: 1 year
Gas needed: Propane

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