As the inventors of the classic kettle barbecue that's now synonymous with cooking over charcoal, Weber knows a thing or two about barbecues. In fact, it's been producing outdoor cooking kit for over 70 years, offering a range of gas, charcoal, electric and wood-fired models to suit a range of needs and budgets – whether you're a barbecuing pro or a total beginner.


At Good Food, we've tested a wide range of Weber barbecues of all shapes, sizes and designs, so if you've set your sights on Weber as a brand, we know which of its products are worth spending your money on. We've also reviewed a range of Weber barbecue accessories that are designed to extend your barbecue's versatility – keep scrolling to read our pick of the best.

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Best Weber BBQs at a glance

Electric BBQs:

  • Weber Lumin electric barbecue, £579

Gas BBQs:

More like this
  • Weber Genesis EPX-335 gas barbecue, £1,929
  • Weber Genesis E-315 gas barbecue, £1,199
  • Weber Spirit II gas barbecue, £509
  • Weber Q1200 gas barbecue, £305

Charcoal BBQs:

  • Weber Master-Touch kettle charcoal barbecue, £325
  • Weber Classic kettle charcoal barbecue, £190
  • Weber Go-Anywhere charcoal barbecue, £111.99

BBQ accessories:

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Best Weber BBQs to buy in 2024

Weber Lumin electric barbecue

Weber Lumin electric barbecue

Star rating: 4.5/5

If you want the joy of barbecuing without the faff or expense of cooking on gas or charcoal, this super versatile barbecue is a solid choice. With options for searing, smoking, grilling and even boiling, it's compact without compromising too much on cooking space. There are two zones that can be set to different temperatures – this means you can keep one set ingredients warm while you grill another.

An integrated thermometer is attached to the front so you can keep a close eye on the temperature. Heating up to the maximum temperature (350C) took just 15 minutes, and while barbecuing took a little longer than we'd expect with a gas-powered model, all our dishes had excellent charring and great flavour without any dryness.

The barbecue comes apart easily for cleaning, and a handy scraper tool is included for turning ingredients or prising off any burnt-on bits. Read the full Weber Lumin electric barbecue review.

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Best Weber gas BBQ to buy in 2024

Weber Genesis EPX-335 gas barbecue

Weber Genesis Series EPX-335 Smart gas barbecue

Star rating: 5/5

Price-wise, the Genesis EPX-335 is at the top-end of Weber's gas range, but what you get in return is an impressive piece of kit suitable for any barbecuing enthusiast. It's a particularly good choice for anyone who wants to barbecue year-round, as it comes with illuminated LED controls for night-time use.

Smart features like the digital display, WiFi connectivity (for real-time food monitoring and temperature alerts) and integrated meat thermometer are clever additions, though naturally bump up the price.

We loved the flexibility of the cooking zones and used the large searing zone to grill meat at a higher temperature, with our veggie kebabs to the left on a lower heat. Our steaks had excellent defined grill lines and caramelised smoky flavours, while remaining pink, juicy and tender in the centre. Read the full Weber Genesis EPX-335 smart gas barbecue review.

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Weber Genesis E-315 gas barbecue

Weber Genesis E-315 Gas Barbecue

Star rating: 4.5/5

One of Weber's newest gas barbecues, the Genesis E-315 comes with three-burners and lots of cooking space to work with – making it a great choice for households who love to entertain. The 'PureBlue' burner system works by generating an even heat across the grill, and monitoring the temperature can be done via the thermometer on the hood.

Assembling this model took us almost two hours, but getting it lit and heating up was a straightforward process. We were disappointed by the quality of the control dials, which felt cheaply made, but found them responsive and easy to use. The hood also retains heat well, and all our dishes had excellent charring and smoky flavours.

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Weber Spirit II 220 gas barbecue

Weber Spirit II GBS gas grill

Star rating: 4.5/5

This shiny, bells-and-whistles gas model provides versatility and consistency, whether cooking fast or slow. Where it does fall down slightly is the build time – we found this to be a complex piece of kit to assemble, taking a total of one hour and 45 minutes.

Once you're up and running, pre-heating takes just 10-15 minutes, and the grill works very well, connecting and lighting with ease and retaining heat throughout cooking. The heat distribution is impressively consistent and equally adaptable, allowing you to cook large cuts with precision.

The Spirit II 220 really is a statement piece, taking up a lot of floor space, and while the shelves do fold down, the tilt-and-lift style of wheeling it around does take some getting used to. Read our full Weber Spirit II 220 gas BBQ review.

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Weber Q1200 gas barbecue

Weber Q1200 gas barbecue

Star rating: 4.5/5

Featuring smooth curves and handy side shelves, plus an integrated temperature probe, this gas barbecue is a solid pick for small families or couples. It's compact enough to be portable but doesn't have wheels, so needs to be carried. It cooks efficiently and has a surprisingly large grill area, heating to 230C when the hood is down.

When you lift the hood up, naturally the temperature drops but does take a while to recover. After use, it's worth waiting until the grill has completely cooled before you fold the side tables away, as they're made from plastic and could be at risk of melting. Read our full Weber Q1200 gas barbecue review.

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Best Weber charcoal BBQ to buy in 2024

Weber Master-Touch charcoal barbecue

Weber Master-Touch 57cm charcoal barbecue

Star rating: 5/5

Robust yet lightweight, this kettle barbecue is a relatively basic model but ideal for beginners or those new to cooking over charcoal. It impressed us with its easy handling, good looks, and even heat distribution. Below the grill area, there's also plenty of space to place coal strategically and create different temperature zones, though learning how to adjust the heat took some practice.

The barbecue benefits from a one-touch cleaning system, which uses a lever to sweep ash into the pan underneath. Its compact size means it's also relatively simple to store, and there are two wheels that allow you to move it around the garden as you like.

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Weber Classic kettle charcoal barbecue

Weber Classic Kettle Charcoal Barbecue 57cm

Star rating: 4/5

Much like the Master-Touch model above, this kettle BBQ is a solid entry-level pick owing to its simple, intuitive design. It's large enough to feed six people, with room for a whole spatchcock chicken plus vegetables. There's also an integrated cleaning system underneath the grill, which expels ash into a removable ash collector.

You can wheel it in and out of storage fairly easily, though it would likely take up a fair chunk of space in an average-sized shed. It lacks extras like tools and an all-weather cover, but the build itself feels robust and long lasting – backed by a 10-year warranty on the bowl and the lid. Read our full Weber Classic Kettle charcoal barbecue review.

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Weber Go-Anywhere charcoal BBQ

Weber Go-Anywhere charcoal BBQ

Star rating: 3/5

The clue is in the name with the Go-Anywhere barbecue – this is a piece of kit designed to be taken out and about, though would suitable for home-use too. It has a grill large enough for a couple or small group, and requires a hardy heat-proof surface (like a concrete slab or patio) underneath as the whole barbecue gets extremely hot.

Lighting the barbecue took us a few attempts, but when the flames took, the heat levels rose quickly. This was perhaps to its detriment as we found some ingredients, like our whole aubergine, starting burning on the outside before they were fully cooked in the centre. With this in mind, it's worth keeping a close eye on food and moving it around as and when you need. Read our full Weber Go-Anywhere charcoal BBQ review.

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Best Weber BBQ accessories to buy in 2024

Weber premium gloves

Weber BBQ gloves

Barbecues need to get ferociously hot to achieve those smoky flavours and defined char lines, so a hardy pair of gloves will minimise the risk of burns. There are a few different sizes available (these tend to vary depending on which retailer you buy them from), and the gloves offer good forearm protection as they reach comfortably up the wrist. Made from 100 per cent aramid fibres, they also have practical non-slip silicone lines across the palms so you can safely grip onto barbecue utensils.

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Weber pizza stone

Weber Small Round Glazed Baking Stone

Where you may have traditionally just cooked sausages, burgers and kebabs on your barbecue, this Weber pizza stone serves as a reminder that you can use it for a lot more. Made from robust cordierite, this 27cm stone sits neatly on top of the grill and can withstand temperatures of up to 315 degrees. It also has a glazed finish that prevents the base of the pizza from sticking, so you can slide it onto a serving plate without leaving any mess behind.

The stone is suitable for use on any Weber barbecue, as well as any other gas or charcoal model (plus an indoor oven), but do check the dimensions before you buy.

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Weber barbecue brush

Weber barbecue brush

Cleaning up will never be the most enjoyable part of barbecuing, but tools like this three-sided brush do simplify the process. Its secure-grip handle offers plenty of leverage for cleaning tighter spots inside the grill, while the shorter sides of the brush make light work of dislodging debris between the grates. At 45cm long, there's also a loop on the end of the brush to hang it up between uses.

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Weber instant-read BBQ thermometer

Weber instant-read thermometer

A meat thermometer is an essential piece of kit when barbecuing steaks, whole chickens or larger joints of meat, and can offer a quick-win solution to achieving perfect cooking results. This digital thermometer sports soft-touch buttons and a stainless-steel probe, with options to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. To operate it, simply insert the probe and the temperature will appear in fewer than five seconds. It also switches off automatically after a certain period of time to preserve the battery life.

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