Having vegetables delivered to your doorstep every week has a host of benefits – it’s convenient, healthy and supports small producers rather than large supermarkets. Many boxes offer organic produce and the contents are usually seasonal too.


Box schemes differ so it’s worth looking around before you sign up. Many boxes set their own contents, which often change from week to week. This suits the adventurous and unfussy, but you might be stuck with some veg you don’t like or don’t have experience of cooking.

Some let you add extras to your order, or substitute something you don’t like, and a couple offer a completely flexible option where you choose your own produce.

Take care to choose the right box size depending on the size of your household and your vegetable consumption. Too small and you might not get enough to last the whole week, too big and you might have some left over (though you can always make soup).

Also bear in mind that organic produce doesn’t always last as long as supermarket versions, though this does differ from item to item. Meal planning can help avoid waste.

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In many cases, your delivery comes on a particular day, usually for environmental reasons. All the boxes we tested could be left outside so there’s no need to be at home when it arrives. Several are delivered by national courier, giving you more choice of delivery dates and text updates as to when to expect them.

You also need to decide if you would rather have a regular box or if you’d prefer to buy on an ad-hoc basis and check your chosen company offers this option. Also look at the delivery charge and whether this is included in the cost of the box.

We tested 12 popular national brands to help you find the one that’s best for you. Read on to discover the best veg boxes for home delivery. All box contents listed below were for a sample seasonal box and will change.

Don't forget to use our seasonal calendar to put your veg box to good use – see at a glance which ingredients to expect when and select ingredients to learn more about how to store, prepare and cook them.

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Best veg boxes at a glance

  • Best for transparent food shopping: Oddbox fruit & veg box, from £11.99
  • Best for picky eaters: Abel & Cole small fruit and veg box, from £15.30
  • Best for extras additions: Milk & More premium organic veg box, from £16.50
  • Best for a couple: Pikt fresh seasonal veg box, from £17
  • Best veg box for summer: The Tomato Stall Ultimate Produce box, £35
  • Best for meal planning: Eversfield Organic large vegetable box, from £19.95
  • Best for sustainability: Riverford large seasonal organic vegetable box, £23.95
  • Best for seasonality: Natoora Peak Season box, £40
  • Best for salad lovers: Fruitandveg2u.co.uk. family mixed vegetables and salad box, £32
  • Best for organic vegetables: The Organic Delivery Company large vegetable box, from £23
  • Best for a surprise box: Daylesford Market Garden Veg Box, from £15
  • Best for a large variety: Borough Market The Essential Fruit & Veg Large Box, £40

12 of the best veg boxes to order online

Oddbox fruit & veg large box

Oddbox image

Box contents: 4 potatoes, 1 butternut squash, 5 carrots, 2 bunches spring onions, 2 packs blueberries, 1 stick brussels sprouts, 1 pack celery, kale, 5 green peppers, 6 apples, 7 clementines, 4 kiwis, 2 sweet potatoes

Best for transparent shopping

Our box (the large size) arrived with a helpful accompanying pamphlet detailing what was included in the box, where it had travelled from and how to store your produce. We received nine varieties of rescued veg and four varieties of fruit. There’s also a QR code which links to a weekly meal plan with useful recipe ideas on how to use up your fruit and veg. The cardboard box itself is recyclable and they try not to add any unnecessary packaging.

The veg comes from farms where they have a surplus or the produce doesn’t meet supermarket standards (i.e it’s an odd shape or not the right size) and comes both from the UK and abroad. You’re able to change up the size of your subscription to suit your needs (choose from a small, medium or large box) and you can also add and exclude items from your order.

The box will feature a mixture of seasonal British produce and a few international surprises e.g. kiwis or blueberries. You can get an idea of what’s coming up in that week’s box on the website.

Everything was in good condition when it arrived. The kiwis and blueberries were ripe and ready to go, so they were eaten on the day of delivery. We made a substantial Sunday roast using the carrots, potatoes, sprouts and celery, all of which were delicious. We found ourselves incorporating more veg into our weekly meal plan, then topping up at the supermarket for basics and essentials.

Oddbox don’t yet deliver across the whole of the UK, but you can check your postcode on the website to see if you’re within their delivery area. The deliveries happen overnight, so you pick a safe spot and your box will be delivered there between 7pm and 7am the next day. You can choose between weekly and monthly deliveries and can cancel your subscription any time.

Available from:
Oddbox (from £11.99)

Abel & Cole Organic small fruit & veg box

Abel & Cole veg box

Box contents: 2 courgettes, 5 apples, red cabbage, 6 white onions, 1 red pepper, 10 potatoes, 5 Navelina oranges, 1 large bag of green kale

Best for picky eaters

The produce arrived in a small cardboard box tied with colour-flecked string (good to save for presents!) and included a welcome booklet explaining the ethos, how to store everything and how long it will last. The kale came in a recyclable plastic bag and the rest of the produce was loose in the box.

You can see on the website what produce to expect the following week, with a caveat that there might be substitutions. You’ll receive eight items a week for a small box, and can create a helpful dislikes list of items you don’t want to receive (up to three fruits and nine veggies).

All of the fruit and veg was good quality and firm on arrival. The apples and potatoes were particularly flavoursome. The kale needed washing twice before using and the potatoes were a bit muddy, but that all somewhat adds to the charm.

The small box feels like a top up to a main shop – some lovely and healthy extras rather than all the essentials to last you a week. However, there are plenty of extras available to add to your box if it isn’t enough, including fish, meat, cheese and other perishables that come wrapped in sustainable woolcool with ice packs. Abel & Cole also offer other boxes including different sized mixed fruit and veg boxes, as well as a variety of meal kits.

You can’t choose the delivery day as your box will be delivered when the vans are in the area, which will be the same day every week. Apart from that, delivery is flexible – you can buy boxes as a one-off or at intervals of up to eight weeks. Leave out the cardboard box and any other packaging the night before and it will be collected when the new box is delivered. There’s a flat-rate delivery charge of £1.99.

Available from:
Abel & Cole (£15.30)

Milk & More premium organic veg box


Box contents: 2 Ramiro peppers, 4 carrots, 1 cucumber, 4 sweet potatoes, 8 red onions, fennel, 3 oranges, 3 apples, 3 kiwis

Best for extras additions

Delivered by your milkman, your box will be on your doorstep before 9am – perfect for those leaving the house in the early hours for work.

The veg arrived in a no-frills cardboard box which can be left out and collected during your next delivery for reuse or recycling. Only the peppers had extra packaging, in a cardboard carton.

Boxes change according to the season, and you can see what to expect on the website. Very helpfully, the quantities are listed too, in weight. We weighed the veg and found that portions were on the generous side, for instance 500g sweet potatoes was actually 560g, and we also had 30g more onions than suggested.

Produce changes according to what is in season and varies frequently. Ours had a good mix of salad, vegetables and fruit and the quality was impressive – our peppers were notably shiny, sweet, firm and lasted well.

Like all good organic vegetables, they weren’t too perfect, with the sweet potatoes slightly gnarled and the fennel a little marked.

The website is easy to use and as well as boxes, you can buy items like bread, meat, eggs, tea and (obviously) milk. You can buy boxes as a one-off or regularly, and there is no minimum spend or delivery charge.

Milkmen deliver every other day, three days a week excluding Sundays so you can choose when you receive your box.

Available from:
Milk & More (£16.50)

Pikt fresh seasonal veg box


Box contents: asparagus, flat beans, mushrooms, 8 carrots (530g), 2 small courgettes, 2 large onions, 4 beetroots, 800g potatoes

Best for a couple

Pikt offers you a choice of ready-made boxes or building your own in a ‘homey box’ of up to 25 items, with each item individually priced. All produce is organic with no plastic wrapping.

We tested the seasonal veg box, and there are other ready boxes including fruit or salad, as well as more unusual options like juice. One thing we noticed compared to some other boxes we tried that we thought was a shame is a lot of the veg comes from around the world, not just seasonal UK.

Weekday delivery comes via DPD and you can choose your delivery date. You can have weekly or fortnightly delivery, or buy as a one-off.

Our box was easy to order and came two days later as requested. The recyclable box had fun glasses you could cut out, which might or might not persuade kids to help with the unpacking.

Asparagus and flat beans were separately wrapped in paper, and the mushrooms came well presented in a cardboard takeaway-type box. All the veg was very fresh – there was a generous portion of earthy mushrooms which lasted a week.

After four days, the flat beans were in great condition while the potatoes were slightly soft but edible.

The box is quite small, which might be a disadvantage for some but meant we ate it quickly so there was no waste. As the price included delivery (there’s a £1.50 surcharge for weekend delivery), we thought it was good value.

Available from:
Pikt (£17)

The Tomato Stall Ultimate Produce box

Tomato Stall Mixed Fresh Produce Box

Box contents: 3kg heritage tomatoes, 3 mixed aubergines, 300g sweet bite peppers, 6 sweet pointed peppers

Best veg box for summer

As the name suggests, The Tomato Stall specialise in tomatoes and grow over 40 varieties on the Isle of Wight each year. The Isle of Wight is one of the sunniest places in the UK, making it the perfect place to grow the most flavourful tomatoes. The Ultimate Produce box shows these off to the max, containing a whopping 3kg of heritage tomatoes. Alongside these are three mixed aubergines, 300g sweet bite peppers and six sweet pointed peppers.

We were incredibly impressed by the arrival and packaging of our box: despite the delicate contents and the long journey from the Isle of Wight to London, everything arrived perfectly – not a single squashed tomato! The veg was divided into small cardboard crates, which made it easy to store and recycle.

We were particularly struck by the aubergines – a classic purple one, a purple and white striped variety and an eye-catching white aubergine, which we had never seen before. The heritage tomatoes included a range of shapes, sizes and colours, which made for a striking tomato salad of the different flavours and varieties. The small, intense kumato tomatoes, with their dark skin and deep red-pink flesh, were a variety we hadn’t tried before.

Cherry tomatoes are a staple in our house but this box gave us a new appreciation for them and these ones were miles better in flavour – bursting with tomato leaf aroma, they were super sweet, juicy and firm. The small sweet bite peppers are great for snacking on and not something you’ll easily find in supermarkets. When our box needed using up, we roasted a combination of the peppers and tomatoes to make a flavourful soup – you could also make great pasta sauces to freeze for winter when such sweet, fresh tomatoes feel like a distant memory. The veg all lasted impressively well – we kept our tomatoes at room temperature as instructed and they lasted around six days.

This box is a true taste of summer, specialising in a niche area well. The large quantities of tomatoes make it best for big families if you subscribe or for special summer occasions as a one-off treat.

Available from:
The Tomato Stall (£35)

Eversfield Organic large vegetable box


Box contents: 3 avocados, 4 red peppers, 3 big leeks, 3 bulbs garlic, 8 large carrots, 2.3kg red potatoes, cabbage, 7 onions, celeriac, swede

Best for meal prepping

Eversfield offers organic vegetable boxes in three different sizes, plus a variety of other options including a box without potatoes and another with UK produce only.

Box contents vary every week and although you can’t choose what’s inside, you can buy items individually from the website if you prefer. You can order a one-off box or choose to get one regularly.

The family-sized large box is designed to feed 4-5 people for a week and you can see the contents of the box in advance. Helpfully, you can also see the amount of each item that you’ll receive too – we found this useful for meal planning.

Our box arrived promptly, neatly packaged in a cardboard box. Several of the items were in paper bags inside. Vegetables were very good quality, and we were pleased to see some “ugly” carrots as well as celeriac, which is less common (and made wonderful chips).

The cabbage was slightly wilted but perked up when cooked. The avocados ripened on a sunny windowsill – two within 48 hours and the other two days later.

There were plenty of vegetables for family meals for almost a week. We struggled to use all of the onions, which were still going strong more than a week later. We felt this box was particularly good value.

Delivery is by DPD five days a week – you can choose the day you want.

Available from:
Eversfield Organic (£19.95)

Riverford Organic large seasonal organic vegetable box


Box contents: 200g fresh spinach, 2 broccoli, cucumber, 3 courgettes, punnet of cherry tomatoes, punnet of mushrooms, 1.2kg salad potatoes, bunch of 8 carrots, 730g onions, 4 beetroot

Best for sustainability

The Riverford box arrived in an open, recyclable box that is cleverly designed so you can collapse it and leave it out to be collected on your next delivery. The box says it can be reused 10 times.

Inside, the individual items are beautifully packaged – the tomatoes in a cardboard punnet, and the mushrooms the same with a cover too. The potatoes arrived in a sealed, double lined paper bag to keep them fresh.

You can see on the Riverford website what to expect in your box for a couple of weeks ahead, though there is a warning that items might change according to what is best on the day. No changes were made to ours.

With this box, you get potatoes and carrots or onions every week, with other contents changing. You can select from different sizes and types of box, including fruit or veg only, or a mixture. There’s a British only box, for instance.

Ordering is easy and you can buy a one-off, or choose how regularly you would like it to be delivered (from one week to one month intervals). Delivery is free and comes on a set day depending on your area.

This was a good range of quality produce and we liked the fact that the onions in particular were a range of sizes rather than being uniform. The cucumber was a little bendy but that didn’t affect its longevity.

The only downside was that quantities were smaller than some of the other boxes – the carrots were just enough for a family Sunday roast, for example, with none left of the rest of the week.

This came with a sweet newsletter, which talked about the vegetables and the new pickers recruited. There are also storage tips and a recipe.

Available from:
Riverford (£23.95)

Natoora Peak Season box

Natoora copy

Box contents: 2 apples, 1 pear, 1 Seville orange, 1 box clementines, 4 golden beetroot, 2 avocados, 2 heirloom tomatoes, 1 fennel, 1 bunch cavolo nero, 1 Delica pumpkin, 1 bag Yukon gold potatoes, 4 pink radicchio, 2 purple radicchio

Best for seasonality

Natoora is well known for supplying top-quality produce to restaurants across London, Paris and New York, as well as being available via Ocado and Wholefoods. Via the Natoora app, you can choose from an extremely wide range of fruit and veg that goes far beyond what you can find in supermarkets. For example, the veg section of the app currently includes four types of artichoke, seven types of carrots and seven types of orange. Deli and dry items are also available.

The ‘Peak Season Box’ is ordered via the Natoora app. The main ‘newsfeed’ of the app lists what will be in the box that week, with the selected line up changing each week. The ‘shop’ section also lists the approximate weights of items. Each box should contain 10-11 different items, although may contain more when there’s plenty of stock – such as our surprise purple radicchio.

The box arrived in two large cardboard crates, with the fruit and vegetables in one and the additional purchases of deli/dry extras (including chocolate and wine) in a second smaller crate. The veg is in a mixture of packaging: some loose in the crate, some delicate items such as heirloom tomatoes and clementines in smaller Natoora-branded cardboard punnets, whilst the new potatoes are in a plastic bag.

Although no information on the produce is delivered with the box, the app details exactly what you’ll be receiving, the name of the supplier and where it came from. Our box contained a mixture of French, Italian, Spanish and British produce – including apples and golden beetroot from France, potatoes and pears from Sussex and Kent and radicchio from Italy.

The produce was all incredibly fresh and ripe – in fact the tomatoes and avocados would be best eaten that day or the day after if possible. Portions of each veg were generous and would certainly keep you going all week.

We appreciated the wide variety of veg in the box – we tried this out in winter and often in winter months veg boxes can get repetitive or less inspiring than bountiful summer, but this contained a real range of colourful produce to help you eat the rainbow and brighten up winter meals and salads. We also enjoyed discovering new produce, such as the super pretty pink radicchio. The range of veg pushes you out of repetitive vegetable choices (frozen peas with everything, anyone?) and get creative to do more than just put one portion of veg on the side of your meal.

Delivery options vary across the UK, from next-day in London to thrice-weekly options in Oxford and Brighton, or Monday-to-Friday deliveries in the rest of the UK.

Available from:
Natoora (£40)

Fruitandveg2u.co.uk. family mixed vegetables and salad box


Box contents: 2 leeks, green pepper, red pepper, cauliflower, white cabbage, iceberg lettuce, 2 broccoli, punnet cherry tomatoes, 125g radishes, 2 courgettes, 5 tomatoes, 2kg white potatoes, 2kg red potatoes, 1kg carrots, 4 small white onions, 4 small red onions, cucumber, aubergine, garlic bulb

Best for salad lovers

This large box comes with free delivery via DPD across England from Tuesday to Friday, and gives you an impressive amount of veg and salad. The produce comes from around the world, although they do source from the UK when available.

You pick one of four boxes on the website – there's also a standard sized box, an exotic vegetable selection and a luxury fruit option – and can then add extras, from a stew mix to coconut and dates. You can also ask for substitutions in your box, though only with the same products from the box.

There are no subscription options and you just order what you want, when you want. The box remains the same all year, though the add-ons are more seasonal.

The items arrived in a recyclable cardboard box, with some items like potatoes and cucumber wrapped in plastic, supermarket style. Produce isn’t organic, so if that’s important to you, this one won’t be the best option.

We were impressed with the range, quantity and quality of the veg, with large broccoli and firm courgettes and found this good value, especially given the free delivery.

Available from:
Fruitandveg2u.co.uk (£32)

The Organic Delivery Company large vegetable box


Box contents: Cos lettuce, spinach, 7 vine tomatoes, cucumber, squash, asparagus, 2 broccoli heads, 4 large potatoes (1.4kg), 6 beetroots, 1.2kg carrots, 2 fennel

Best for organic vegetables

Our box was on our doorstep by 7am and was a good mix of basics like carrots, potatoes, cucumber and tomatoes, with some more unusual offerings including fennel and asparagus.

There were generous quantities – we counted 20 carrots, plenty to last the week. Although there were only four potatoes, they were large, enough for a family meal.

The box itself was cardboard, with a message on it to hand back to the driver next time so it could be reused. Lettuce and spinach came in a plastic wrapper for freshness. You can order a plastic-free box if you prefer.

Contents change every week and you can add other items if you like, or just build your own box. You can order on an ad-hoc basis, or set up a regular delivery.

The website lists the origins of your veg – seven of our 11 items came from the UK, with the others were from Spain and Italy.

Quality was good, with noticeably plump and large tomatoes, but not too perfect. Our carrots were a mixture of sizes and everything seemed very fresh. Asparagus, eaten four days later, was good quality and only slightly woody.

You can choose from a number of different boxes – three sizes of vegetable box, with other options including combined fruit and veg, plastic free options and seasonal salad boxes.

This company delivers using a courier (£4.95) with London deliveries free if you spend over £13.95.

Available from:
The Organic Delivery Company (£23.95)

Daylesford Market Garden Veg Box

Daylesford Market Veg Box

Box contents: 1 bag of mixed leaf salad, 2 January King cabbages, 1 Savoy cabbage, 6 small leeks, 1 butternut squash, 11 turnips

Best for a surprise box

The Daylesford Market Garden Veg Box arrived via DPD. Boxes are sent straight from the Cotswold farm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Prepare for a mystery haul with this veg box; Daylesford doesn't tell you what’s included, nor can you select produce you don’t want. But, in the interest of being as seasonal and fresh as possible, only the ripest ingredients are harvested for the box.

The description states that the box contains five different organic items. Happily, we received six! There is only one-size box available and, unlike some of the other veg boxes we’ve tested, Daylesford don’t offer a subscription service, rather it’s an order as and when affair.

The box was well padded and each item, aside from the mixed leaf salad, came wrapped in paper bags. The salad comes in a plastic bag. We really appreciated the additional card which details how to recycle all of the packaging. For items that aren’t recyclable, like the chilled gel packs, there are useful suggestions on how to reuse them. Unfortunately, the plastic salad bag is neither recyclable or reusable, but Daylesford states that they’re committed to finding a more sustainable alternative.

All of the produce was high quality, fresh and flavoursome. The salad, which can often turn quickly, remained crisp for a few days after delivery.

This is one of the simpler boxes on the market with a primary focus on providing the freshest produce possible. This isn’t the box for those who are picky when it comes to veg, this box is strictly for the open minded and experimental.

Delivery via DPD is £6.95.

Available from:
Daylesford Organic (£15)

Borough Market The Essential Fruit & Veg Large Box

Borough Market The Essentials Large veg box

Box contents: 1 XXL onion, 3 potatoes, 1 aubergine, 2 bulbs of garlic, 1 bulb smoked garlic, 3 carrots, 1 bag of kale, 1 yellow courgette, 1 red cabbage, 1 turnip, 1 beetroot, 1 sweet potato, 3 shallots, 1 baby pineapple, 1 pomegranate, 1 papaya, 2 lemons, 3 satsumas, 2 passionfruit, 3 limes, 1 grapefruit, 1 avocado, 1 tub of blueberries, 1 feijoa.

Best for a large variety

Put together by family-run wholesaler and retailer Turnips of Borough Market, the website description of the large Essentials Box describes a selection of seasonal fruit and veg, 'handpicked by independent farmers across the UK'. We had some whopper onions, muddied potatoes and carrots that you'd expect at this time of year (January). But the box is so much more. In fact, the selection didn't feel limited by seasonality at all.

The list of potential contents is lengthy on the site so there's an element of mystery, with the allergy warning of containing traces if celery and the caveat of items differing to those in its online picture. The box arrived in a cardboard box protected by brown paper, all of which was recyclable. This is available for on-off purchase or subscription, with a £4.95 delivery charge by GoodSixty and you can book delivery slots from 11am to 9pm.

Inside was a versatile selection of 11 vegetables and 11 fruits with a few surprises that allowed us to be experimental with mains and puddings. The smoked garlic was an excellent example of this, packed in flavour as well as goodness, as was the feijoa; a small green fruit from New Zealand which resembles an oval lime in appearance and has a flavour hovering somewhere between mint, pineapple and soap.

The grab-and-go snacks like satsumas would suit families well. More tropical elements like the pineapple and papayas were put to use in yoghurt for pud and smoothies, whilst the passion fruits added zing to cocktails.

The variety meant that quantities of staples like potatoes were enough for one meal or sides over two days. This is as much an adventurous box as it is a fairly pricey staple. Everything was one-to-two days off perfect ripeness which ensured a great long-lasting experience across the week. You're paying for quality and that's certainly what this box delivers.

You also have the option to add 6x free range eggs from Stark's fruit & Veg for an additional £1.50.

Available from:
Good Sixty (£40)

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