There are some jobs in the kitchen that need a bit of bendiness and that’s where a trusty spatula will come in handy. Flexing when pressed against bowls and pans, they’ll help eke every last bit of batter from the bowl or jam from the jar.


As all our choices have heat-resistant heads you can use these handy helpers for stirring hot dishes, too, and their scratch-free properties are especially useful for dealing with non-stick coatings which can easily be scored and scratched.

Try out a variety of shapes and with different handles to get used to what works for you and dishes you love to cook. One of the great things about these handy tools is that they’re usually under a tenner, so you can afford to try new shapes and materials every now and again.

Read on to discover the best silicone spatulas, tried and tested by our expert reviewer. To read more unbiased buyer’s guides, visit our reviews section and find guides to everything from baking equipment to stand mixers.

The best spatulas to buy online

Dreamfarm Chopula Sit Up Chopping Spatula, £8.99

Dreamfarm chopula spatula

Best spatula for versatility

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At first glance, the Chopula would be more use for a fry up than a bake off. It’s a turner that’s got different types of edges, managing to be flexible yet strong enough to divide chicken breast, fried eggs, etc with its rigid side. We loved it when baking too, as the angled, raised handle made it easy to fold meringue, or transfer scones from tray to cooling rack, before keeping the spatula off the worktop when put down.

Available from:
Amazon (£8.95)
Lakeland (£8.99)

Lakeland My Kitchen Silicone-Coated Spoon Spatula, £4.99

Lakeland set of four spatulas

Best spatula for serving

This small and perfect silicone spoon became a firm favourite in the kitchen, smoothly mixing, folding, and beating without damaging cookware. The handle stayed non-slip while working with greasy hands and the scooped shape meant sampling cooked dishes or serving up was easy. It’s BPA-free and heat resistant to 230°C. We’ll have one in every colour, please!

Available from Lakeland (£4.99)

ProCook Silicone Spatula, £4

ProCook silicone spatula

Best spatula for easy cleaning

This bendy-headed 25cm spatula is so easy to use and clean, it gets top marks. Because the handle is made from chunky acrylic, there’s no need to remove the head from the handle before lobbing into the dishwasher. The black colour also makes it easy to spot any bits of cake batter you may have missed in the washing up bowl.

Available from:
ProCook (£4)
Amazon (£4)

Brabantia Spatula Plus Fork, £5.40 and Brabantia Spatula Plus Cutting Edge, £6.50

Brabantia spatula

Best spatula for tricky transfers

Heatproof to 220°C, we used these brilliant Brabantia tools together to double up when cooking on the stove or moving bakes around from oven to cooling rack. (Well, if it’s good enough for Nigella…). In heatproof plastic, they’re not flexible, but the genius touch on these long-handled spatulas is the ‘fork’ spikes and ‘knife’ cutting edge that makes precision portioning and prodding easy.

Spatula plus fork available from:
Amazon (£5.40)

Spatula plus cutting edge available from:
Amazon (£6.50)

Tala Silicone Spoon Spatula, £5.25

Tala spatula with wooden handle

Best spatula for thin mixes

We really liked the small, wedged head of this heatproof spoon spatula; ideal for stirring sauces and beating smaller amounts of cake batter. The beechwood handle had a nice chunky feel – remember to remove the head for dishwasher cleaning though as wood can split over time. The scooped head made scraping excess on the side of a bowl tricky as some remained on the end but for thinner mixes this was an ideal choice.

Available from Tala (£5.25)

Judge Silicone Scraper, £7

Judge silicone scraper

Best spatula for traybakes

This scraper was very satisfying to use and could catch every drop of brownie mix from the bowl, thanks to its ultra-bendy, see-through paddle. This flexibility made it especially useful for smoothing and shaping the mixture in the baking tray, too. We liked the cool stainless steel handle and large hanging hook, as well as the no-budge quality of the connection between handle and its removable paddle.

Available from Horwood (£7)

Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen 3-in-1 Spatula, £11.99

Mason Cash silicone spatula

Best spatula for bread making

This is a fantastic utensil to have in your kitchen armoury. Mason Cash – of trad baking bowls fame – know how to make the whole process of baking a real pleasure. This double-ended spatula is lovely to handle. Made of solid beechwood and silicone, you can even pop the larger end off to use as a hand scraper or when dividing bread dough.

Available from Amazon (£11.99)

Lakeland Dual-End Spatula, £6.99

Lakeland double ended spatula

Best spatula for scraping

The simplicity of this 29cm spatula means that it’s got staying power. No falling apart in the dishwasher, or the head coming loose from the body since this is an all-in-one silicone tool. The wedged, flexible ends are great for getting every drop of cake mix from the bowl, with the point on the wider end great for pushing batter into the corners of traybakes.

Available from Lakeland (£6.99)

How we tested spatulas

We tried a variety of wooden, plastic and silicon spatulas to see what performed best in the test kitchen. Trying an array of dishes, we put them through their paces, spreading our Best Ever Chocolate Brownies mix in the pan, folding ingredients for this birthday cake and stirring up a thick pizza sauce on the hob.

Whether spreading out an even layer of mix, ensuring hot sauce didn’t stick to the pan or clearing ingredients from bowl to baking tin, all our selections worked hard to make the job easy, with easy-to-clean heads and firm connections between handle and paddle meaning they can take some punishment without falling apart.

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